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Listings of Keeps Serving in Military Conflicts
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The French and Indian War
     Great Britain and France - The Seven Years War in America  1754 - 1763
The Amercian Revolutionary War
     Great Britain and the American Colonies - The War of American Independence   1775 - 1783
The War of 1812
      The United States and Great Britain   1812 - 1815
The Mexican War
     The United States and Mexico   1846 - 1848
The American Civil War
     The War Between the States   1861 - 1865
The Spanish American War
      Spain and the United States   1898 
The First World War 
      The British Empire   1914 - 1918
      The United States of America   1917 - 1918
The Second World War
       The British Empire   1939 - 1945
      The United States of America   1941 - 1945
Personal Keep Experiences
If your relative/ancestor is not included here, please contact Bob Warner for North Americans, Paul Keep for Australians, and John Keep for the British and the rest of the world.

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