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Keep, Albert


U. S. Army.  Pvt, Enlisted Nov. 29, 1943 in Portland or Massachusetts.

Keep, Albert

14 Dec 1906

Albert Keep

Alice Lyon Burke

U. S. Army. Intelligence Corps.

Keep, Allen


U. S. Army.  Enlisted Ft. Leavenworth Texas.

Keep, Allen C.


U. S. Army Enlisted June 21, 1945, Nebraska.

Keep, Archie L.

Nov 30, 1928

U. S. Marine Corps, Staff Sgt., fought in both WW II and Korea.

Keep, Calvin A.


U. S. Army.  From Cherry Valley, Illinois.  Was an expert marksman, and fought in the Normandy invasion, coming ashore on Omaha Beach before going on through France, Belgium, and Luxembourg to Germany.  While in Germany, he was wounded by shrapnel for which he received a Purple Heart. His other decorations were the Bronze Star, Five Battle Stars, and Presidential Unit Citation.

Keep, Cecil M.


U. S. Army. Warrant Officer JG 22nd Infantry Regiment, 4th Infantry Division from Yakima County, Washington.  Killed in action June 26, 1944 and buried at Normandy American Cemetery, Colleville-sur-Mer, France, Plot  A, Row 5, Grave 37.

Keep, Champness Terry Segewick

18 Feb 1906

Oliver Keep

Lucille Davis

OSS,   Mideast and Europe.

Keep, Charles J. Jr.


U. S. Army.   Enlisted Ft. Lewis, Washington Private.

Keep, Charles M.


U. S. Army.   Enlisted as Private  Nov. 4, 1942, Portland, Ore.

Keep, Charles Melville

1 Mar 1907

Charles Melville Keep

Eleanor Ryan

U. S. Army.  Quartermaster Corps.

Keep, Charles R.


U. S. Army.  Enlisted June 12, 1943, Pittsburgh.

Keep, Clarence Andrew

21 May 1916

Walter William Keep

Dollie King

U. S. Navy.  Enlisted in 1942 serving until 1945.

Keep, Clarence L.


U. S. Army.  Infantry, POW Germany.  Was liberated or repatriated.

Keep, Claude William

13 Mar 1897

William Keep

Roselyn Whitcomb

U. S. Army,   France

Keep, Clinton J.

March 2, 1922

U. S. Army. From Backus, Minnesota.  Served from March 1943 to Feb 1946 with the 266th Engineers, 66th Div.  Received the Purple Heart, Good Conduct, American Theater, European-African-Middle Eastern Service.  Was in the Ardennes Campaign.

Keep, Donald  L.


U. S. Army. From San Bernardino, Cal.  Enlisted Nov 14, 1942 in Los Angeles.

Keep, Ernest R.


U. S. Army.   Enlisted Dec. 8, 1943, Colorado.

Keep, Floyd


U. S. Army.   Enlisted Mar. 17, 1941.

Keep, Floyd Lewis

29 Dec 1917

Richard Durrell

Nellie Ena Folsom Jones


U. S. Army.   Enlisted Mar. 20, 1941. Served with General Patton in Europe.  From Maine.

Keep, Francis Jerry

21 Dec 1919

Edmund Esselburt Keep

Blanche Pearl Moore

U. S. Navy, Chief Motor Mechanic.  Enlisted and served for 4 years and taught engineering in the Navy.

Keep, Frederick Cecil

12 May 1920

Frederick Peter Keep

Cecil Rees


U. S. Army Air Corps.  Enlisted in 1942 and served until January, 1946.

Keep, George Edward



Walter Albert Keep

Pauline V. Freed

U. S. Army.  Was a Surgical Technician and Medical NCO, S/Sgt, with the 115th General Hospital in England, France, and Germany.  His active service was from 1943 to 1945. ****See Personal Experience pages.

Keep, Glenn Newton

23 Jul 1918

Abner Newton Keep

Katherine McGregor

U. S. Army,  , Enlisted Jan. 17, 1942,Oregon, 2nd Lieutenant, 1942 - 1946. Photo

 Keep, Guy E.


U. S. Army.   Enlisted Ft. Douglas, Utah, Private.

Keep, Harry A.


U. S. Army,   Enlisted Nov. 18, 1940, Houston, Private, Regular Army.

Keep, Harry A.


U. S. Merchant Marine.

Keep, Harry L.


U. S. Army.   Enlisted Smokey Hill, Kans.  Private.

Keep, Henry


William John Keep

Frances Sarah Henderson

U. S. Army, Colonel.

Keep, Henry Augustus

20 Dec 1916

Howard Keep


U. S. Army. Volunteered for the National Guard, was Signal Corps. officer assigned to the royal Air Force in  Great Britain during  , discharged as major in 1946.

Keep, Henry B. 


U. S. Army.   Enlisted Sept. 16, 1941, Fort Meade, Maryland, Private.

Keep, Henry, Jr.


  U. S. Army.   Enlisted Mara. 13, 1944, Fort Dix, N. J., Private.

Keep, Howard Glen

Feb 11, 1929

U. S. Army.

Keep, Howard Sanford

2 Apr 1888

Henry Augustus

Isabel Parmenter

U. S. Navy.  Lt. Commander.

Keep, Jack M.


U. S. Army.  Private.  Enlisted  in California. Civilian occupation general industry clerk.

Keep, Jack M.


U. S. Army.    Enlisted Los Angeles, Private.

Keep, James


 Private Enlisted Nov. 12, 1942, from Pueblo, Colorado.

Keep, James Derril****

Walter Albert Keep

Pauline Freed


U. S. Navy.  B Portland, Ore. ****See Personal Experience pages.

Keep, James G.


U. S. Navy,  , Seaman 1st Class, Naval Reserves.  From Pa.  Missing in Action, lost at sea, Sept. 10, 1943.  Purple Heart.  Monument in Sicily and or Rome.  Not clear if he is interred there.

Keep, Fames William

Oct 28, 1910

U. S. Navy MM1.

Keep, Joe

1914 or 1919

  U. S. Army.   Private Enlisted Apr. 7, 1942.

Keep, John Jabine

14 Jul 1916

Clifford Holcombe  Keep

Elizabeth Jabine


U. S. Army,  , Enlisted Mar. 4, 1941, Sergeant, 4th Infantry Division, 1941-45

Keep, Leonard Beryl

27 May 1920

Charles B. Keep

Bertha Tatlow

U. S. Army Air Corps,  , Enlisted Jan. 31, 1946, New York.

Keep, Lewis


 U. S. Army.   Enlisted Feb. 1, 1945, Ft. Logan, Colorado.

Keep, Maurice


 U. S. Army.   Enlisted Dec. 2, 1942, Portland, Ore., Private.

Keep, Maurice Roderick

15 Jan 1917

Abner Newton Keep

Katherine McGregor

U. S. Army, Private,  , Texas Regiment.

Keep, Keep, Merna


O.S.D. Enlisted Jan. 11, 1945, Fort Snelling, Minnesota, Private.

Keep, Mildred V.

Nov 22, 1915

U. S. Army.  2nd Lieutenant.

Keep, Milton Harrington

5 May 1901

Willie O. Keep

Eliza J. McArthur

U. S. Navy, Seabees.

Keep, Oliver Davis

5 Dec 1902

Oliver Terry Keep

Lucille Davis

U. S. Marine Corp. Capt., South Pacific.

Keep, Philip Richard


25 Jun 1916

Richard Durrell Keep

Nellie Ena Folsom Jones

U. S. Navy. Ensign and later Commander, Aeronautical Engineer.  ****See Personal Experiences pages..

Keep, Ralph


U. S. Army.    Enlisted Jan. 29, 1941, Tacoma, Wash., Private.

Keep, Ralph L.

Dec 16, 1916

U. S. Army. Private.  Enlisted  Jan 29, 1941 in Washington State.  Civilian occupation, actor.  Attained rank of Sergeant.

Keep, Raymond


U. S. Navy.  Lived in Hoffman, Minnesota.

Keep, Reuben F.

Mar 19, 1904

 U. S. Army.  Enlisted Feb. 27, 1946, Indiantown Gap, Pa., Tech Sgt. Regular Army.

Keep, Richard


 U. S. Army.   Enlisted Apr. 26, 1943, Pittsburgh, Private.

Keep, Richard O. Jr.


 U. S. Army.   Enlisted July 17, 1943, CP Dodge, Iowa, or Nebraska.

Keep, Richard R.


 U. S. Army.   Enlisted Apr. 5, 1945, CP Pickett Blackstone, Va., Pfc.

Keep, Richard S.


U. S. Army Air Corp.  Private, enlisted June 18, 1942 at Columbus, Ohio, living at Ashtabula, Ohio.  Occupation, farmer.

Keep, Robert L.

1926 or 1927

U. S. Army.    Enlisted Nov. 21, 1945, CP Roberts, Ca., Private.

Keep, Robert Lee

13 Jul 1926

Edmund E. Keep

Blanche Pearl Moore

U. S. Army.   Pearl Harbor Naval Hospital.

Keep, Samuel Ernest

Dec 20, 1923

U. S. Navy

Keep, Stanley A.


U. S. Army.   Enlisted Mar. 21, 1941, Omaha, Private, Regular Army.

Keep, Theodore G.


U. S. Army.   Enlisted Feb. 11, 1942, Los Angeles, Private.

Keep, Vern Dale

Sept 12, 1923

U. S. Army.

Keep, Wayne W.

Apr 1, 1922

U. S. Marine Corps, Sgt.

Keep, William F.

Dec 15, 1925

U. S. Navy MM2.

Keep, William Franklin

10 Mar 1925

William Keep

Vera Shawley

U. S. Navy. Torpedoman, USS Ticonderoga.

Keep, Willis E.

Apr 18, 1934

U. S. Army Air Corp.

American Military Roster, World War II
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NoticeIn 1973, a terrible fire at the U. S. National Personnel Records Center destroyed military personnel records for 1912 to 1963, some 16 - 18 million records.  Searching U. S. records for details for these years is difficult if not nearly impossible.  Counties in the country have some records, but they seem not to be available in a central location and most are not in electronic form.   The following list of Keeps involved in W W II is therefore no doubt very incomplete.


Your help is badly needed in order to add names to this list, and contacting Bob Warner about your relatives would be extremely helpful.

U. S. National Personnel Records Center in 1973

World War II involved the United States, after 1941, with Britain, members of the British Empire, and most other countries around the world in a two-front war against Germany and Japan.  The map shows the allied countries in shades of green that the United States joined after the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, while the Axis powers are in blue.  


War was immediately declared upon Japan and Germany, followed by a massive industrial reorganization for the war effort and shipment of war materiel to Northern Africa and Great Britain.  In January, 1942, the first American forces arrived in Britain.  The first all-American air attack was made in Europe in August, 1942.  In November, 1942, American forces landed in North Africa, which with the British culminated in the drive up Italy. In June, 1944, Allied forces landed on the North Coast of France, and Germany surrendered in May 1945.  (See the introduction to the British WW II tables for greater detail.)


, other electronic files or materials from The History Place.

World War II   1939 - 1945

In August, 1942, U. S. Marines landed on Guadalcanal and Tulagi in the first U. S. amphibious landing in the war.  Terrible fighting then occurred on the mainland and in island hopping invasions, culminating with the final amphibious landing on Okinawa in April, 1945.  Land operations ended in March, 1945, with British troops liberating Mandalay, Burma, and General MacArthur announcing that all Japanese resistance was at an end in the Philippines in June, 1945.


The war against Germany ended on May 8, 1945, and against Japan on August 14, 1945, with the dropping of atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  Depending upon the source, the total U. S. military reached 16 million men and women, and the total combat deaths were 417,000.

General Dwight D. Eisenhower was appointed Supreme Allied Commander in Europe, Admiral Chester Nimitz was appointed Commander in Chief of the Pacific Fleet and Pacific Ocean Areas, and General Douglas MacArthur was appointed Commander of the Southwest Pacific Theater.


After the destruction of a great part of American Naval forces at Pearl Harbor, Japan suffered its first major defeat in the Battle of the Coral Sea in May, 1942, and the turning point of WW II in the Pacific occurred under Adm. Chester Nimitz with the American victory over the Japanese at Midway Island in June, 1942, destroying almost all of Japanís irreplaceable aircraft carriers. Otherwise, Japan had great success with invasions of Pacific islands and Asian mainland.

The U. S. War Effort on the  Home Front

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