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The Keep Family Project

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Because there is a suggestion that the Keep Family may have originated in Saxony in the distant past,  the following paragraph in German is to assist any potential family members from that region to translate the web-pages into German.


DNA-tests haben ergeben, dass die KEEP-Familie ihre Wurzeln in Sachsen hat. Sollten Sie annehmen, dass Sie in irgend einer Weise mit der KEEP-Familie verwandt sind, so können Sie mehr über unser Projekt mit Hilfe des Google Übersetzers erhalten , um diese sowie auth andere Webseiten zu übersetzen.  Kopieren Sie einfach die zu übersetzende Seite in die Webadresse, wählen Sie “übersetzen” und dann “vom Englischen ins Deutsche”. Wir freuen uns sehr von Ihnen zu hören.


* * * * *

The Keep Family DNA Project:


Marcus F. Keep, MD  USA

John Keep  U. K.

Robert S. Warner  USA

Paul E. Keep  USA


See the Contacts page. 



keep_family_dna_project001014.jpg keep_family_dna_project001013.jpg

Welcome to The Keep Family Website.   If you are researching the Keep, Kep, Kepe, or Keepe families, this website is dedicated to you and is intended to help you find information about your ancestry.  By navigating through the site, useful and interesting historical background will be found to assist genealogists as well as anyone interested in these surnames.


The site is intended to be an aid for all Keeps around the world regardless of relationship and ancestral line.  It is not an association requiring membership, and it can be of use for all with the surname Keep and its variations.


Aims of the Project


~~A Meeting Place for All Keeps.  This website will serve as a meeting place for all Keep family members. Special pages offer the opportunity to post inquiries and to share family histories as well as notable events in those histories. The participation of all Keeps around the world is very much invited.   Keep family members and others may browse among the many pages of family data and family history.

~~An Aid to Keeps Who Are Searching.  The Keep DNA Project has been successful in discovering Keep family connections not previously known to exist.   It also allows us to put researchers with a common interest in contact with each other.  Those who wish to begin or further their knowledge of their ancestral lines, or to discover related family members with similar aims, may find this Project not only helpful but essential.

Frederick George Keep
Keeps in photos appear in current or upcoming articles on this website.

~~North American Keeps.    Those Keeps who are seeking  information about their ancestry, wherever situated, or who are interested in sharing their histories, are invited to read the information on this site, perhaps with an eye toward participation in the Project.  Please direct any inquiries, or if you have information to share, regarding North American Keeps to Bob Warner, whose information is on the Contacts Page.

Dr. Nathan Cooley Keep

~~United Kingdom Keeps.   Despite growing Keep family history data in the United Kingdom, there are gaps in such material, making it difficult for those interested in searching for and enlarging upon their own family histories.   Not only would participation in the Project by U. K. Keeps be very helpful, but the sharing of Keep family lines would be very much appreciated. Please direct inquiries for the  U. K. and other areas in the Northern Hemisphere outside North America and the Enfield area in England to  John Keep, the contact person for that part of the world. His information is on the Contacts Page.

~~Australian, Southern Hemisphere Keeps.   A special effort is being made to find ancestral connections through DNA testing between Keeps in Australia and those in Great Britain, America, and other parts of the world.   Keep family members who live in  Australia and other areas in the S. Hemisphere who have questions related to the DNA Project should contact Paul Keep, whose information is on the Contacts Page.

Mary Keep

Current Areas of Investigation and Interest:


~~The Continuing Search for the Ancestral Lines of John Keep of Longmeadow, Massachusetts,  killed by Indians 1676.  DNA testing has established a link from John Keep to the line of Walter Kep, born about 1230 at Astwood, Buckinghamshire, England, which is being called the East Midland Keeps (mainly Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire, and Birmingham). John Keep's roots had been a mystery unsolved by genealogists for over 300 years but a link was discovered in 6 months by DNA testing.  The direct line to Walter remains to be determined, which can only be achieved by more participants.  If you wish to participate, or are interested in sharing your family's history in relation to John Keep of Longmeadow, or if you are a North American Keep with no known connection to John Keep but wish to discover your place in the Keep family, please contact Bob Warner, whose information is on the Contacts Page


~~ The Canadian Keeps.  At this time, several Keep families in Canada can trace their ancestral lines back to England.  The discovery of family connections further back in time is possible, and additional Canadian participants in the DNA Project are invited.  Family histories to share are invited, and any other information and help would be appreciated.  Contact Bob Warner.  Information is also requested about the surnames Keeper and Keeping and whether they are variants of the name Keep.


~~The East Midlands Keeps.  Ongoing research is taking place for Keep family ancestral lines leading back to the  East Midlands (Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire) and Birmingham of the United Kingdom.    Please contact John Keep, if you have or if you would like information about these lines.

~~The Berkshire, Hampshire, and Oxfordshire Keeps. Through DNA testing, separate family lines of Keeps have been discovered, rooted in the southern English counties of Berkshire,  Hampshire, and Oxfordshire (known as the Berkshire Keeps). Keeps, no matter where situated, who are interested in helping to pursue these lines are invited to contact John Keep, whose information is on the Contacts Page.

~~Australian Keep Family Research.  An Australian genealogist has joined the Project and is now working actively on Australian Keep Family History.  As Keeps from England were either transported or went on their own accord to Australia, her work will center on identifying them and their lines, as well as connections to America and other parts of the world.  The participation of Keeps from Australia would be very helpful.  The sharing of genealogical records would also be very much appreciated.  If you would like information about this, and if you are willing to share family history, please contact  Annette Morrow, whose information is on the Contacts Page.

How You Can Help


The participation and assistance of a considerable number of people connected to the Keep family (and variants of that name) to take part in the project is essential for success.    In addition, help is needed in the contribution of family history information in order to fill the voids that now exist in our Keep family lines.


The organizers of this website project have no financial interest in testing and are Keep family volunteers.  The website has no income whatsoever.

Arthur Joseph Keep, third from left, with his crew and
Blenheim Bomber

Please read the historical and technical information on the following pages.  Links to other family associations with excellent in-depth information on the subject of DNA are provided.  Please see the Contacts Page for correspondence addresses.

~~The Enfield Keeps.  Another possible line is centered on Enfield, England, and Richard Keep, b. 1757 there.  A line of this family has a Mormon connection, which Rita Blumson has researched.  Any Keep who wishes information, or has information, about this area can contact Rita Blumson, whose information is on the Contacts Page.   See the Mormon Connection on the British Keep Family pages
Richard Keep
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Consulting Genealogists.  (Keeps may want to contact any of the following if they have information relative to the given areas of interest, or to make inquiries.)  Click on names for emailing.  See the Contacts Page for more information.
Annette Morrow.  Australian Keeps, including those transported there.
Rita Blumson.  Mormon Keeps in England and the U. S.  The Enfield, Middlesex, England Keeps, esp. the line of Richard    Keep, born there in 1820.
Betty Keep and Julie Gough.  Tasmanian Keeps.  Transported Keeps to Tasmania.  The line of William Keep, transported in 1830 on the Clyde to Van Diemen's Land/Tasmania, son of Stephen Keep of Marston Moretaine, Bedfordshire, England, baptised there in 1771.  Stephen Keep's line back.  Betty is also concerned with the Bedfordshire Stilman line.
Deb Keep.   Canadian Keeps, specifically the line of Charles Keep, b 16 Dec 1817 in England, possibly in Cambridgeshire, whose descendants immigrated to Canada. This large Keep family has its historic base in and around Montreal.
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