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The War of 1812 between the United State and Great Britain, which lasted from 1812 to 1815, was conducted mainly from Lake Champlain to Montreal, along the Canadian border at Niagara and Detroit, along the Gulf of Mexico, and at sea.


The grievances of the United States consisted of Britain's slow removal of itself after the conclusion of the Revolutionary War some 30 years before, the unfavorable or lack of trade agreements between the United States and Britain and the thwarting of U. S./France trade by British blockade, and incidents at sea involving the impressment of American citizens.


War was declared by the United States at a time when the Napoleonic Wars were concluding, freeing up men and funds for Great Britain to use against the United States.  The British invaded, and the war resulted in battles largely unfavorable to the United States and the burning of Washington, D. C.  The Battle of Plattsburgh Bay on Lake Champlain was the final battle in the north and was a defeat upon the British fleet by Thomas McDonough leading to the retreat by the British into Canada. The last battle of the war, the Battle of New Orleans, was fought after the treaty ending the war was signed   In this battle Andrew Jackson defeated the British attempt to take that city.

Military Roster, War of 1812

The cause of the war between the United States and its neighbor, Mexico, was due mainly to the expansionist desires of the United States.  At that time, Texas was an independent state, recognized by the United States and Mexico.  By procedures not used with other states when joining the Union, it was effectively annexed by the United States.  Mexico had similar designs. But it was expansion to the west, largely possessions of Mexico, including the vast area on the Pacific coast made up of present day California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico, which was coveted by the administration of President Polk of the United States. Mexico lost the war and these possessions would become part of the United States.

Flags of the United States and Mexico, 1848 
Military Roster, Mexican War
The War of 1812
The Mexican War
THE MEXICAN WAR, 1846 - 1848

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Date of Birth


Details of Service


Other Information

Keep, Calvin

22 Jul 1794

Jonathan Keep

Hannah Hildreth

Captain of Artillery in the Pepperell, Massachusetts, Guards to 1830.  Possibly too young to participate in the War of 1812, but would have been 21 years of age in 1815.

Keep, Frederick


4th Co., 1st Bat., 4th Reg. of Cape Girardeau, Missouri.

Keep, George

4 Dec 1785

Jabez Keep

Elizabeth Rogers

Drafted during the War o f 1812.


Keep, Jabez


4th Regiment (Williams'), Vermont Militia.

Keep James

30 Sept 1792

John Keep

Elizabeth Keep

Pvt., Connecticut Militia from Aug. 18, 1814, to Oct. 24, 1814, in the unit of Capt. Moses Goodman, Jr.

Keep, James


Chamberlin's Regiment, Massachusetts Militia.

Keep, Luther


55 Regiment (Sprague's) New York Militia.

Keep, Marsena


17th Regiment (Wallace's) Pennsylvania Militia.

Keep, Martin

20 Dec 1774

Caleb Keep

Clarissa --------

Brigadier General in Massachusetts Militia, War of 1812.

Keep, Noble

14 Sept 1786

Moses Keep

Hannag Woodbury

From the Centennial History of Erie County, New York State:  As the detachment was about to depart, the commandant was informed that there were public stores at Hodge's tavern on the hill.  A squad of horsemen was sent thither.  Benjamin Hodge, Sr., and Keep, the Cold Spring blacksmith, were there, and ran on the enemy's approach.  The sergeant in command called on them to stop and Hodge did so.  Keep ran on a short distance, when a carbine bullet pierced him and he fell--where is now the south gate of Spring Abbey.  War of 1812.

Keep, Samuel


2nd. Regiment (Steele's)New Hampshire Militia.


Date of Birth


Details of Service


Other Information

Keep, Charles Manley

John Loren Keep

Harriet Smith

Michigan National Guard.  Served for 9 years in Co. A, Second Regiment, Michigan National Guard, retired with rank of First Lieutenant.

Keep, James


Enlisted Jan. 24, 1848.

Keep, William Reiley

22 Aug 1823

Leonard Keep

Eppy McCann

U. S. Army, 2nd Lt., Co. C., 5th Indiana Reg.  Mexican War. Regt. received October, 1847, discharged, July, 1848.

War of 1812, Battle of Lake Champlain.  British Pathway into the U. S. by Land and Lake Champlain.
General area of the major activity of the War of 1812.
U. S. Military Academy