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The war between the United States and Spain was caused in some respects by the efforts of Cubans to become independent of Spain and the sympathetic feelings of U. S. citizens.  Also, the Monroe Doctrine of the United States stated that there would be no further interference in the Western Hemisphere by foreign countries without incurring military involvement by the United States, although the intent of the doctrine was also to preserve the status quo. In this case, it was to prevent other countries from attempting to take possession of Spain's New World colonies as they became independent.


After the United States landed troops in Cuba to protect U. S. citizens, a series of events brought relations with Spain to a head, not the least of which was the blowing up of the USS Maine in Havana harbor.  The United States insisted it was a mine, while Spanish inquiries concluded that it was due to an internal explosion, now the prevailing thought.


The results of the war were the independence of Cuba, Puerto Rico becoming a self-governing colony of the United States, and the ceding of the Philippines by Spain to the United States.

Military Roster, Spanish American War
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This map shows the islands of Cuba, Haiti, Puerto Rico, and Jamaca, all very close to the coast of the United States. 
The inset shows the Philip-pine Islands, near China.
Battle of San Juan.  Future President Teddy Roosevelt and his Rough Riders atop hill that they captured.

Rough Riders Emblem and U. S.

Commemorative Postage Stamp.


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Keep, Cassius Lee

23 May 1877

Stephen Marsena Keep

Estelle Alvord

U. S. Army, Co. C, 15th Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteers.

Keep. Glen W.

9 Aug 1875

Prosper Marsena Keep

Mary Harrington

U. S. Army, Co. L, 2nd Ohio Volunteer Infantry.

Keep, Oscar Joseph


U. S. Army.   

Keep, Robert Sias


U. S. Army, Co. C, 15th Regiment, Pennsylvania National Guard 1898.


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