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1.  The Keep Family in the Law Series 

Historic Testimony of Dr. Nathan Cooley Keep


The murder was committed in 1849 and the trial and execution took place in 1850.   The details were such that they captivated everyone.  There was a week-long disappearance with daily reports flashed across the country.  There was the gory, grue­some discovery of a body, described in the most dread­ful detail.   The body had been dismembered and many parts burned, and science at that time was unable to provide the means for identification.


Dr. Nathan Cooley Keep was the first ever to identify a corpse in a court of law by dental records, not easy, and an amazing first.


Click here for the account of the famous trial.

Dr. Nathan Cooley Keep
This series will be on-going and will contain notable Keeps who have made contributions in many disciplines.
Suggestions welcome.  Send to Bob Warner on Contacts page. 
2.  The Keep Family in Education Series
Founders, Schools, Teachers, Authors
Biographical Notes of Keeps in History
~~Robert Porter Keep, very successful public servant and head of Norwich Free Academy, Connecticut, became head of the prestigious Miss Porter's School and carried on its traditions.

~~John Robinson Keep, Robert Porter Keep's father, noted for his work with the deaf.

~~ The private school established by Margaret Eliza and Alice Mary Keep in Wollaston, England.  The Robert Browning Connection.  Photos and artwork.
~~ John Keep's connection to Oberlin College, Ohio, and his work with other institutions of higher learning.
~~ The Harvard School of Dental Medicine, founded by Dr. Nathan Cooley Keep, who was instrumental in turning dentistry from a trade into the medical profession it is today.  He became its first dean and member of the first faculty.
~~ Austin Baxter Keep, history professor and authority on colonial libraries.  Author of related books.
Click Here for the accounts.

Swallow Bridge
Alice Mary Keep
Crest, Harvard School of Dentel Medicne, showing Castle Keep
3.  The Keep Family in Science Technology and Industry Series 
Lace Making as a Cottage Industry

~~ In England, lace making became an established cottage industry during the seventeenth century. There were two distinct areas of importance:  Honiton in Devon, and the East Midlands--namely Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Northamptonshire.  Records reveal the names of Keep Family members who earned a living in this remarkable art/trade.


Early 20th Century Aeronautics


~~ Captain Arthur Stuart Keep was a WW I pilot and later a test pilot until a dreadful crash ended this part of his career.  He continued in the aircraft industry until retirement.

There are some nice old airplane photos here.


Rags to Riches to Philanthropy


~~Henry and Emma Keep, Good Samaritans


A Famous Cast Iron Inventor


~~Wiliam John Keep  A man with such a significant invention that after one-hundred years his books describing it are still in print.


~~Patented Keep Inventions  


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Table of Contents
The DNA Project 
Most Recent Additions 
~~Patented Keep Inventions 
~ Henry & Emma Keep, Good Samaritans
 ~ Charles & Ada Keep Military Experiences
See Below
5.  Rosters of Keep Family Members in Military Conflicts
Keeps in Military Service from the French & Indian War through World War II
These rosters are the first Keep family compilations of Military Service, and contain hundreds of names with ranks, length of service, and other details.
However, it is not complete, so relatives and others should check the lists for omissions, and corrections.
Click Here for the Military Index Page.
4.  The Keep Family in Medicine Series
~~ Dr. Nathan Cooley Keep.  The anesthetization of Fanny Appleton Longfellow, wife of the poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.  The first use of anesthesia in childbirth in the western hemisphere.
~~ Dr. Norman Nigel Keep, Diagnostic Radiology and Nuclear Medicine.
~~ Dr. Anne Wight Phillips.  Pioneer woman surgeon, the first woman to perform  surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston.  Renouned burn specialist.
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Dr. Nathan Cooley Keep
6.  The Keep Family in Entertainment Series
~~Isabel Lovitt Keep    Isabel, a former concert singer, played in 42 films from 1918 to 1936.  She was a supporting actress to many many of our favorite, famous stars, but like most actors in this category, never had the name recognition of the leading stars.  She played in movies with Laurel and Hardy, Rudolph Valentino, Jimmy Stewart, Jack Benny, Mickey Rooney, Greta Garbo, Ronald Coleman, and others.  These pages contain an exhaustive filmography, never accumulated before.
Click here for this film biography.
Military Index
War Rosters
Personal Military Experiences
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