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          America’s Entry into World War I



The United States did not enter World War I until 1917.  (See map for locations of countries that fought in the war.)  As in most wars, the United States entered the war for complex reasons, but the sinking of the passenger liner Lusitania, unrestricted submarine warfare, and political considerations were important reasons.


President Wilson did not want to enter the war.  The Germans regarded the United States as nothing, and were somewhat correct.  Its army was small and had no experience and was poorly trained. It had no modern equipment.  However, by mid 1917, General Pershing had arrived in France with forces that by March of 1918 would total some 318,000 men with plans for one million to follow, only part of which arrived before the end of the war in 1918.


The Meuse-Argonne Offensive was the largest U.S. engagement.  It began 26 September 1918 and ended 11 November 1918.  In the three weeks fighting, the battle deaths of Americans numbered 18,000, a daily average of about 1,000.


Americans who died in the war amounted to 120,000, including 62,000 who died of disease.


There were no military engagements in North or South America, except for The Naval Battle of the Falkland Islands which did not involve the United States.


The draft was instituted through the Selective Service Act of 1917, and of the 5 million men who served during this time almost 3 million were drafted.


Green      Triple Entente Powers

Orange    Central Powers  

Below are records of those Keeps who registered for the draft in WW I.  Some 24 million registered, 5 million served, 3 million of them drafted.  This list may be incomplete.   

Draft Registration Records.
 Draft Card of Henry Oliver Keep
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WORLD WAR 1, 1914 - 1918
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Insignia of the First, Second, and Third Armies, United States Expeditionary Force, World War I

NoticeIn 1973, a terrible fire at the U. S. National Personnel Records Center destroyed military personnel records for 1912 to 1963, some 16 - 18 million records.  Searching U. S. records for details for these years is difficult if not impossible.  Counties in the country have some records, but they seem not to be available in a central location and most are not in electronic form.   The following list of Keeps involved in W W I is therefore no doubt very incomplete.


Your help is badly needed in order to add names to this list, and contacting Bob Warner about your relatives would be extremely helpful.



Alan Percival Keep

Bronx, New York

Albert Keep

Denver, Colorado

Andrew Mac Keep

Erie, Pennsylvania

Archie Ralph Keep


Arthur A Keep

Hardeman, Texas

Arthur Elbridge Keep

Winnebago, Illinois

Arthur Keep

Independent City, Maryland

Arthur Ralph Keep


Austin Baxter Keep

New York, New York

Ben James Keep

Poinsett, Arkansas

Bert Ellery Keep

Erie, Pennsylvania

Bert Spencer Keep


Caled Max Keep

Schuyler, New York

Calvin Fontaine Keep

Duval, Florida

Carroll R Keep

Ashtabula, Ohio

Cassius Lee Keep

Los Angeles,California

Charles Alexander Keep

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Charles Alfred Keep

Tuscola, Michigan

Charles Benjamin Keep

Howard, Nebraska

Charles David Keep

Wayne, Michigan

Charles Henry Keep

McPherson, Kansas

Charles Jasper Keep

Ramsey, Minnesota

Charles Kopecky Keep

Atlantic. New Jersey

Charles Lamb Keep

Cook, Illinois

Charles Rockwood Keep

Franklin, Maine

Charles William Keep

Worcester, Massachusetts

Chas John Keep


Chester Arthur Keep

Allegheny, Pennsylvania

Clarence Jay Keep

Shelby, Iowa

Clifford Holcombe Keep

Kings, New York

Clyde Morace Keep

Isabella, Michigan

Donald Bruce Keep

Essex, New York

Earl L Keep

Chase, Nebraska

Earl Mell Keep

Buffalo, Nebraska

Ed Farley Keep


Edmund Easelbert Keep

Mesa, Colorado

Edward Clarence Keep

Minnehaha, South Dakota

Edward Henry Keep

Orleans, Louisiana

Edward Keep


Elmer Lee Keep

Otoe, Nebraska

Ernest C Keep

Butte, Idaho

Eugene Miller Keep

Winnebago, Illinois

Ezra Francis Keep

Kennebec, Maine

Fenton Rea Keep

Ashtabula, Ohio

Frank Charles Keep

Richmond, New York

Frank Elery Keep

Denver, Colorado

Frank Harold Keep

Minidoka, Idaho

Frank Leon Keep

Wood, Ohio

Frank Melvin Keep

Wayne, Michigan

Fred Clifford Keep

Franklin, Maine

Frederick Arthur Keep

Norfolk, Massachusetts

Frederick P Keep

Douglas, Nebraska

Fredrick Archibold Keep

Washington, Ohio

Geareld Franklin Keep

Ramsey, Minnesota

Gee Keep

Modoc, California

George Albert Keep

Allegheny, Pennsylvania

George Alfred Keep

Multnomah, Oregon

George Ernest Keep

Traverse, Minnesota

George H Keep

Rosebud, Montana

George Otis Keep

Worcester, Massachusetts

George Pangburn Keep

Crawford, Kansas

Glenn Allison Keep

Cuyahoga. Ohio

Guy Stephen Keep

Erie, Pennsylvania

Harry Abner Keep

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Harry Barton Keep

Washington, Ohio

Harry Chester Keep

San Joaquin, California

Harry Joe Keep


Harry Lee Keep

Lancaster, Nebraska

Harry Walter Keep

Ramsey, Minnesota



Henry Blair Keep

Cook, Illinois

Henry Lee Keep

Lancaster, Nebraska

Henry Oliver Keep

Jacksonville, Florida

Homer Keep


Howard Clinton Keep

Cass, Iowa

Huey Main Keep

King, Washington

Imla T Keep

Monroe, Florida

Ivan Jennings Keep

Erie, Pennsylvania

Jack Richard Palmer Keep

San Diego, California

James Dennis Keep

Butler, Ohio

James Graham Keep

Allegheny, Pennsylvania

James Joseph Keep

Franklin ,Ohio

James Richard Keep

Multnomah, Oregon

James V Keep

Edgar, Illinois

Jay A Keep

Cuyahoga. Ohio

Jerry Keep

Keokuk, Iowa

Jim Saley Keep


Johann Frederick Otto Keep

Contra Costa, California

John Henry Keep

Grand, Colorado

John Joseph Keep

Spokane, Washington

John Lyman Keep

Finney, Kansas

John Virgle Keep

Sherman, Texas

John Wm Keep

King, New York

Joseph Edward Keep

Cole, Missouri

Judson B Keep

Vigo, Indiana

Jue Keep

Washoe, Nevada

Kester Leroy Keep

Minnehaha, South Dakota

Lloyd A Keep

Furnas, Nebraska

Lyle Deighton Keep

Los Angeles, California

Lyle Lester Keep

Jefferson, Oregon

Malcolm Charles Keep

Santa Clara, California

Melo Keep

Miscellaneous, Michigan

Milton Edwin Keep

Salt Lake City

Nigel Keep

Alameda, California

Ogden Avery Keep

Suffolk, New York

Oliver Tony Keep

Bergen, New Jersey

Orrin Hugh Keep

Gratiot, Michigan

Oscar Joseph Keep

Duval, Florida

Paul Keep

Lyon, Iowa

Perry Nelson Keep

Litchfield, Connecticut

Pliny M Keep

Lawrence, Pennsylvania

Ralph Miles Keep

Uinta, Wyoming

Rex Riley Keep

Dallas, Texas

Richard Boxell Keep

Vigo, Indiana

Richard Durrell Keep

Franklin, Maine

Richard O Keep


Richard Oliver Keep

Keokuk, Iowa

Robert Porter Keep

Hartford, Connecticut

Robert Sius Keep

Armstrong, Pennsylvania

Shirley D Keep


Sidney Keep

Los Angeles, California

Thomas Henry Keep

Cortland, New York

Tom Keep

Los Angeles, California

Vern Randolph Keep


Walter Robert Keep

King, Washington

Walter William Keep

Weld, Colorado

Will Clarke Keep Jr.

Buffalo, Nebraska

Will Keep

Montgomery, Ohio

William John Keep

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

William Leonard Keep

Douglas, Nebraska

William Porter Keep

Allegheny, Pennsylvania

William Riley Keep


William Robert Keep

Lapeer, Michigan

William W Keep

Ramsey, Minnesota

Willis Art Keep

Bonneville, Idaho

Winfred P Keep

De Kalb, Indiana

Winthrop Leicester Keep


U. S. National Personnel Records Center, 1973
Military Participants, World War I
Keep Family Members, other Surnames


Date of Birth


Details of Service


Other Information

Keep, Arthur William

24 Oct 1901

Ernest C. Keep

Bertha Leona Randall

U. S. Army, WW I.  Cavalry Division, stationed at San Antonio, Tex.

Keep, David E.

19 July, 1898

U. S. Army, WW I, Bugler, Service stated Apr. 12, 1917.

Keep, Frank Sampson

26 April, 1899

Barton Bowen Keep

Lena Fontane

U. S. Army, WW I, Sgt., Enlisted  May 20, 1913, from Boardman, Florida.  Severely wounded July 17, 1918.  Brother of Henry Oliver Keep and Imla T. Keep below. Served 1918 - 1919.  Discharged Feb. 17, 1919.

Keep, Frederick Peter

14 Jun 1888

Oscar L. Keep

Mary -----

U. S. Army, WW I.

Keep, Gerald F.


WW I, Enlisted Nov. 22, 1918.

Keep, Henry Blair

25 Sept. 1891

Chauncey Keep

Mary H. Blairt

U. S. Army, WW I, Co. A, 10 MG, BN

Keep, Henry Oliver

11 May 1896

Barton Bowen Keep

Lena Fontane

U. S. Navy WW I, Enlisted Sept. 22, 1917, age 21.  Electrician 3rd Class,Jacksonville, Florida.  Served on USS Cypress.  Brother of Imla Keep below.

Keep, Imla T.

15 Sept. 1892

Barton Bowen Keep

Lena Fontane

U. S. Army, WW I, Private, 166 Dep Brig. and Battery E.  Served overseas July, 14, 1916, to Jan. 15, 1919.  Of Boardman, Florida. Brother of Henry Oliver Keep and Frank Sampson Keep above.

Keep, John Marcus

13 Apr 1895

Elisha Keep

Lena Henderson

U. S. Navy, WW I, Ensign

Military Roster, World War I
General John Pershing


Given Names

Date of Birth


Details of Service


Other Information


Ray Benton

26 Aug 1898

Ada Louise Benton

George R. Cook


U. S. Army, WW I.  In 1917 joined the Army and was stationed at Camp Merritt, N. J., where he died of influenza while waiting to be shipped to France.


William Charles

16 Sep 1893

Mira Lotta Cargill

William C. Harmon



Percy S.

2 Jun 1895

Emma Stevens

Edward Homes

U. S. Army, WW II, cited for gallantry, Percy was a runner between the battalion and his company, which was subjected to continuous machine gun fire.  Of a  group of 14, only  4 survived.  An article in the New York Times in 1918 stated that "He performed his duty in an exceedingly courageous manner."


James Lindsley

20 Jan 1895

James Kirk

Josephine Lindsley

WW I, was wounded.


Bertell Winfred

4 May 1899

Florence May Keep

Berton F. Moore



Arthur III

Arthur MacArthur

Mary Pickney Hardy

June 1, 1876

Great Grandson

Olive Keep

WW I.  Served as Navy Captain of many ships.  Received the Navy Distinguished Service Medal.

****  See Personal Experience Pages




Arthur MacArthur

Mary Pickney Hardy

Jan 26, 1880

Great Grandson

Olive Keep

WW I, WW II, Korea. General of the Army, U. S. Army.  Awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor.  **** See Personal Experience Pages



10 Nov 1886

Julius Jacob Ream

Margaret Rounds

U. S. Army, WW I, Captain, Engineering Division,.  Killed in France.


Percy Oliver

31 Aug 1892

Oliver Ream

Josephine Otto



Allan Donald

15 Oct 1897

Ethel Ruth Brown

George J. Southerland

U. S. Navy, WW I. Enlisted in the Naval Reserve and was stationed on Nantucket Island, Mass, until discharge at Christmas 1918.