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Gordon G.

22 Feb 1922

Clara Myrtle Gordon

Walter Albert Bentle

WW II.  Served in England.


Daniel Toole

1 Aug 1917

Lewis M. Blasdale

Nora Theresa Moreau



William Hayden

23 Sep 1918

Inez Keep

William Bronson

WW II, Pearl Harbor and later at an army hospital.


Austin Winslow

26 Jan 1924

Ernest H. Carpenter

Marion Dalziel Clark

U. S. Navy, WW II, Signalman 2/c, European and Pacific Theaters. 


Robert William

21 Dec 1922

Charles Walter Carpenter

Lila Ethelinda Bradway

U. S. Army.  Enlisted in 1946 with tour in Japan during occupation.


Ernest Clark

12 Sep 1925

Ernest Howland Carpenter

Marion Dalziel Clark

U. S. Navy, WW II.  Naval radioman.


Correll Cowles

3 Jan 1925

Albert M. Chapin

Ruth Armstrong

U. S. Army Air Corps, WW II.


Edward John

28 Feb 1926

Florence B. Keep

Lucius Durrier

U. S. Army, WW II.


Merlin P.

20 Dec 1919

Ruth Keep

Perry Slyvester Draper

U. S. Navy, WW II, 1939-58.


Herbert Ray

15 Jan 1928

Ruth Keep

Perry Sylvester Draper

U. S. Army Air Corps, WW II.



16 Sep 1922

Anabel Kirk

George Fuller

U. S. Navy Waves, WW II, Injured and a disabled veteran. 


Harry Jacobs

29 Jun 1922

Ruth Gladys Jacobs

Roy T. Garrison



Jack Coswell

29 Oct 1926

Ruth Gladys Jacobs

Rob T. Garrison

U. S. Army Air Corps, WW II.



28 Jan 1923

Ethel Van Patten

Earl Gibbs

U. S. Army Air Corps, Corporal.  Died when his airplane was shot down over Leinz, Austria, Jan. 20, 1945.


John Harmon

8 Jan 1919

Margaret Harmon

Lewis Graves

U. S. Navy, WW II, Lt. Commander.


Frederick Clarence

30 Dec1913

Berniece Van Patten

Clarence Hall



George Alfred

22 Sep 1920

Sally Best Keep

Avery Howell

U. S. Army, WW II.  Drafted in 1942 and served 38 months mostly in the Chinese Burma Theater.


Kenneth Avery

18 Jun 1923

Sally Best Keep

Avery Alfred Howell

U. S. Navy, WW II.  Served two years, 1944-46.


Raymond Edward

5 Jun 1921

Mary Northroup

Edward Knaack

U. S. Army Air Corps, WW II, Pilot. 


William Ivan

13 Apr 1891

Maggie Peet

W. W. Loomis

U. S. Army Air Corps, WW II, Lieutenant.  Enlisted in U. S. Army in July, 1940, and was sent to mechanical school at Chanute Field, Rantould, Ill, and became and airplane mechanic.  Went on to become and Air Cadet and received his wings and the commission in January, 1943.  Was an instructor until February 1944, when he was sent to the India-China-Burma front where he received injuries and died. 


Carl Willis

30 Jul 1905

Willis B. Luse

Jostice Butler

WW II, Served as Medical Technician in the Asiatic Pacific, mainly in Calcutta, India, with the 112th Station Hospital.



26 Jan 1880

Arthur MacArthur

Mary Pickney Hardy


Olive Keep

U. S. Army, WW I, II, Korea, General of the Army, Medal of Honor.   ****See Personal Experiences Pages


Charles Winfield

22 Jul 1920

Hazel Nell Brooks

Leo Miner

U. S. Coast Guard, WW II.  Trained at Port Townsend, Wash and sent to radio school in Silver Spring, Md. and was a technician aboard a Coast Guard icebreaker in the North Atlantic. Discharged in 1945.



Royall Tyler

11 Jun 1917

Gertrude Platt

Authur Moore

U. S. Army Air Corp., WW II, 19th Bomb Group based in the Mariana Islands.  Awarded and Air Medal with three clusters.


George William

19 May 1910

Ethel V. Keep

Asa Morrisin

U. S. Army Air Corps, Served in France, Germany, and the United Kingdom.


Roger Allen

15 Aug 1930

Allen Nickerson

Alice Magee

U. S. Navy, WW II, USS Worcester.  Earned 5 service medals and two battle stars. 


William John

12 Mar 1917

Ruby Nellie Keep

John C. Pryor

U. S. Army, WW II, Apr. 1945-Sept. 1946.


Roy Junior

12 Jun 1924

Gladys Keep

Ernest C. Purcell

U. S. Navy, WW II. Pacific Theater, Aug. 29, 1942-Dec. 1946, near the Aleutians on the USS Hulbert and the USS Ranger.



3 Aug 1923

Lelia Lenore Keep

Sylvester A. Rayburg

U. S. Navy, WW II.  Died Sept. 13, 1944, when his ship, USS Warrington,went down during a hurricane.


Frederic Snell

6 Dec 1926

John K. Sinclair

Bertha Snell

U. S. Army, WW II, was drafted while still in high school.  At conclusion of war, was stationed with the 1st Cavalry Division of the Army of Occupation in Hokaido, Japan.  Completed high school after discharge.


Donald Webb

8 May 1922

Laura Reams

Glenn Starr

U. S. Army, WW II, Lightening Division of the 3rd Infantry.


Phila Kellogg

8 Oct 1915

Alice Carpenter

Arthur Vaill

Instructor, WW II, Cadet Nurse Corps, Springfield Mass. Hospital. 


Stanley Hubert

5 Aug 1920

Alice May Carpenter

Arthur Garfield Vaill

U. S. Navy, WW II, Electricians Mate 3rd Class.  Enlisted on April 30, 1943, serving on submarine 412, USS Trepang, based in New London, Conn. and Mare Island, Ca.  Awarded World War II Victory medal, American Theater medal, and the Asiatic Pacific Theater medal.


Jack Keep

25 May 1920

Viola Keep

Donald Varner

U. S. Navy, WW II.  Drafted into the Navy and served to 1945 when he was honorably discharged.


John Keith

5 Nov 1922

Leon Wickham

Gladys Boyce

U. S. Navy, WW II.


Donald Earl

1 Oct 1930

Edna Keep

Louis Wittenburg

U. S. Army Air Corps, WW II, Pacific Theater.

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