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Marcus F. Keep, MD, originator of this project, is a neurosurgeon specializing in radiosurgery.    A search of his name on the internet will give in great detail his work in developing a neuroprotectant drug for ALS as well as many papers and articles he has written about his work in his field.  His email address is and he lives in Pennsylvania.   He is a tenth generation descendant of John Keep of Longmeadow, #3241.


Robert S. Warner,  is a retired teacher and past-president of the Keep Family Society.  He lives in upper New York State and is also a tenth generation descendant of John Keep of Longmeadow, #3201.  His email address is  He is the contact person for Keeps living in North America.  He is also the webmaster of this site. 


John Keep was born in Finedon, Northamptonshire, England, but now lives in north-east London.  His lineage goes back though 23 generations to Walter Kep, born about 1230 in Astwood, BuckinghamshireEngland.  Many members of his line are now living in Australia following Richard Keepís transportation in 1807 as a convict.  John has been tracing his family line for many years and did much of his research with the late Dr. Philip Keep, who was responsible for tracing the line back to Walter.  His e-mail address is, and he is the contact person for the United Kingdom outside the Enfield area together with the rest of the Northern Hemisphere outside North America.


Paul E. Keep is the operations manager of a metrology (not meteorology) service company, with responsibility for Northern California and Asia-Pacific operations.  He lives in California's San Joaquin Valley, outside of San Francisco, but he is often found in Hong Kong and China.  Paul is a twelfth generation descendant, #6992 (753) with his line tracing back through Matthew Keep, grandson of John Keep of Longmeadow.  He is the contact person for Austrailia and the rest of the Southern Hemisphere for DNA matters, and his email address is


Joy Amick #4991 is a Baptist minister and lives in the State of Indiana.  She is a John Keep of Longmeadow descendant and acts as an appreciated consultant in the writing of this website.


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Consulting Genealogists:


Annette M. Morrow is an 8th generation Keep in Australia descending from  Adelaide E M Keep, a great-great-great-granddaughter of the convict Richard Keep, who was transported in 1808 for receiving stolen goods.  This Keep line in the UK goes back to Walter Kep c1230.  Annette has been researching the Keeps in Australia on & off for over 30 years and collaborated with Frank Keep.  She had many chats via message boards & emails with the late Dr. Philip Keep over the years about this line of Keeps both in Australia and in the UK.  Annette lives in Medowie NSW Australia and is currently a student at the University of Newcastle doing a Bachelor of Fine Arts course.  She can be contacted via her email address about researching Keeps in Australia.


Rita Blumson is the Great-Great Granddaughter of Richard Keep, b 1820 in Enfield, Middlesex, England.  He was the son of Richard Keep, b about 1757 and second wife Sarah Crouch, b 1779, but Rita has been unsuccessful in further research about this Richard.  She has traced the family of Richard Keep, b 1820 and Susanna Brown, b 1824, who were baptised into the Mormon faith in 1861 in Islington, England.   Eventually Susanna and seven of their children immigrated to Salt Lake City, Utah, U. S. A., while three children remained in England.  Richard died in Islington in 1884.  Rita was born in Holloway, Islington, and is the daughter of Walter Ernest Keep, b 1911.  She is retired and living in Thorpe Bay, EssexRita can be contacted about Enfield Keeps as well as the Mormon connection at


Rowan and Betty Keep live in Devonport on the NW coast of Tasmania.  Rowan has been retired for many years, and Betty still works in the disability sector - but not for much longer!   Betty's avid interest in family history research was kindled by her maternal grandfather who gave her much history on her side of the family.  When she married Rowan, she realised that she had a virtual goldmine of the Keep history at her fingers tips with so many of Rowan's elderly relatives still living - most of whom were very interested in 'all things family'.  They all seemed to be waiting for someone to come along to do the research for them.  Rowan's great grandfather was William Keep who was transported to Van Dieman's Land in 1830 on the Clyde 1 in 1830 from Portsmouth.    Family history research in Tasmania is considered quite simple compared to other places, as Tasmania is a small island and many families inter-married and stayed in Tasmania until more recent times and travel out of Tasmania became much easier.   email:  


Julie Gough is an artist, writer, and curator who lives in Hobart, Tasmania.  One of Julie's ancestors is William Keep transported to Van Diemen's Land on the CLYDE 1 in 1830 from Portsmouth. Current work in installation, sound, and video provides the means to explore ephemerality, absence and recurrence, with a particular focus on colonial cross cultural encounter.  Julie has a PhD and BA Hons in Visual Arts from the University of Tasmania; a Masters degree in Visual Arts from Goldsmiths College, University of London; BA (Visual Arts) Curtin University and BA (Prehistory, English Literature) from the

University of Western Australia.  Contact her at


The administrators of this website have no financial interest in the DNA laboratory and are not involved in the collection of fees for the tests.  They act only as unpaid family volunteers.  Participants therefore must accept that these volunteers can have no responsibility for lost or misplaced samples, results that do not meet expectations, or any faults that can be found in the process.  The lab of Family TreeDNA is at the research laboratory at the University of Arizona and it tests very limited materials in only one chromosome in the cell and guarantees complete privacy.   hhtp://



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Work on this website is in progress.  If you have any difficulties with the site, any suggestions or comments, please contact Bob Warner, webmaster.  Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.


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Links to Keep Family Websites


1.   Keep Homestead Museum    When Myra Keep Lovell Moulton died in 1988, the last of a long line of Keeps in Monson, Mass., she willed her property, its contents, and an endowment fund to the town with the stipulation that it would be open to the public and that its name would be Keep Homestead Museum.  It is situated on 75 acres of open meadow, wetlands, and woodland.  Among other family items, it contains a world famous button collection.


2. The Keep Family Society  An association of the descendants of John Keep of Longmeadow, Massachusetts, USA, who arrived at that location in 1660.  John Keep has been found by this DNA Project to be a descendant of Walter Kep, b. Astwood, England, ca 1230.


3.  Howard Ulph Smith    This vast genealogical website contains the families of Howard Smith, as well as interconnected families, including Keeps, in Cornwall and Surrey, England; New Zealand; Australia; and elsewhere.


4. The Longmeadow Chronicles   Very interesting stories of Longmeadow, Mass., with this page having to do with notable Keeps.


Please let us know if you have, or know of, a Keep family related website that you would like listed here.

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